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Wanted, one good man For all the love I have to give To be the reason that I live Wanted just one chance To find a happy ending with One good man. I've known.
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Apart from being the countries football hero he's a second year medical student. As she delves further into what makes Adrien tick she uncovers things about him where the real story lies. And that's what sets him apart from the rest of the jocks she's interviewed previously. She slowly realises that he's not just a rich, arrogant cocky jock with a different girl on his arm every weekend. Even though this was a short read I still got the feels when it came to connecting with the two characters, I just wished this was longer than what it was but what we were given a lot was packed within the pages.

I loved that Adrien wasn't your normal football star though he did have his pick of woman he had many hardships he had to wade through to support ones he loved, a moving tale like no other. View all 13 comments. If you crave stories: They are romantic, emotional, often sad, meaningful and utterly gorgeous! One Good Man does not fail her reputation.

Adrian Rousseau is the local star football player in Paris and a medical student.

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Janey is studying journalism and has been sent by her dad from California to France as she was too involved in the protests taking place in the USA regarding the Vietnam war. Janey does not want to interview some football player even up and coming star just to write mush stories. She wants to make a difference. To awaken people to big stories happening in the world like wars, hungers, etc. My scene was following the Big Story. And Vietnam was the biggest story of them all.

Her dad is rich but she wants to work, to matter. Her dedication, her ambition is admirable. She is ambitious but she cares! The golden combination in my book. As a good journalist Janey is perceptive and soon realizes Adrian is a complex man with hidden layers. He has sadness hidden behind his eyes. Janey made it her mission to discover who the true Adrian was. By the end of the book she had her story.

And I decided, then and there, those were the only kinds of stories I would ever tell. Not for his high cheekbones, cut jaw, blue eyes and bulging muscles, well not only, but for his loyal, protective and worthy personality. He is a true good man! Janey is the spunk of the story. The spark igniting Adrian and awakening his long forgotten dreams.

I loved the instant connection. This recognition of two souls. Eyes meeting for the first time. The thrill racing down the spine. Heartbeat accelerating… Yet God knows Janey fought the attraction! This story is not only a romance. It relies on a grave historical background distilled with small brush strokes. In a relatively short read Emma Scott managed the high feat of showing the aftermath of war. All wrapped up in a lovely romance! And she does know many curse words in French LOL. Emma Scott is a writer that can write a novella and make it feel like a full story.

Rich in feelings and emotions, the reader is taken on a journey of following your dreams. Being strong, committed and faithful come front and center for both Janey and Adrien. A photo journalist in search of her big story and a French Footballer Player who is more than he seems. Even though this is a novella, the author layers the characters, creates an intriguing storyline and gives the reader an Epilogue that i Emma Scott is a writer that can write a novella and make it feel like a full story.

Even though this is a novella, the author layers the characters, creates an intriguing storyline and gives the reader an Epilogue that is sweetly satisfying. A quick read that reads so much more. View all 18 comments. Apr 04, Jasmine rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I first read the story of Adrien and Janey in the Team Player anthology last year and I fell in love with these characters immediately.

After reading it for the second time, I fell in love with them all over again. The story still made my heart swell and I almost cried happy tears in the extended epilogue. All I can say is that Emma Scott is truly an extraordinary author who can bring such depth in a seemingly ordinary contemporary story. She never fails to surprise me with the amount of research and extra-detailed information in her books, and One Good Man is no exception. The story is basically about how Janey, an American journalist assigned to interview a French star football player, Adrien, unveiled the incredibly selfless side of him and the truth would shock the entire stardom.

Well, the beginning of their romance was much appreciated by me. For once I realized that the female protagonist a. Anyway, go read One Good Man no matter what!

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View all 10 comments. Apr 19, Hanne rated it it was amazing Shelves: She wants to be a journalist. She wants to write about big things, but she has to write again about an athlete. Adrien is a famous football player in a Parisian football club and he should help promote the club. Janey interviews him and she realizes that Adrien is so much more than a football player. Adrien and Janey are wonderful characters. Janey is passionate, hardworking, kind and honest. Adrien is talented, smart, caring and kindhearted.

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I loved this novella. This novella had it all what I expect in a novella and more. The progress was perfect. There were a few twists and turns. One Good Man is unique, beautiful, romantic and touching. The atmosphere and ambiance was depicted in such a way that I felt I was in Paris myself. She wanted to capture and write important stories for newspapers and Adrien wanted to help people, to be a doctor instead of a soccer player. I loved their first meeting at the restaurant La Cloche and also Janey meeting his strong sister Sophie. Adrien had so many layers and I enjoyed how Janey and her lovely personality slowly stripped him of them.

They both brought out the best in each other and slowly a beautiful love too. One Good Man was different and beautiful. Her characters definitely made this story shine. This is my favorite novella of the anthology. The writing is spectacular, the story is mesmerizing and I felt like I was whisked away in time with such a unique and compelling romance. She then finds herself sent away to Paris to continue her studies at the Sorbonne.

Janey is not to be deterred in her quest to make a name for herself so when she is given the task on interviewing a local football star she jumps at the chance to make the story her own. The star of the team who seems to hold the key to their success in his skill of scoring goals. For such a young man he appeared to be carrying a huge amount of responsibility.

I loved that we saw two different sides to his character, he almost lived two lives to enable him to please not also his family, but his team mates too. Adrien is fiercely loyal and for that I had to admire him. Vietnam is the angle. How war tears apart families and countries alike. Ms Scott did a fantastic job of writing such multi-faceted protagonists.

Janey was strong-minded, kind hearted and focused. Her passion for her work was admirable and work ethic knew no bounds. What came next was truly extraordinary; it gave the story new meaning. Ms Scott has written an exemplary story showing the reader the real human cost of war. It will steel your heart and not give it back until the very last page! If you love this author you will be truly amazed. Hands down, 5 emotionally charged stars!

Both times, it got me. I did not expect the feels I got from this novella. How the hell Scott put so much into 30, words is beyond me. There was so much I loved about this View all 4 comments. That is the young man. Scott managed to write a solid and composed story, even though the pages weren't too many!!! The Vietnam war was raging for years, but its impact was lingering still around. Our heroine, Janey was studying to be a journalist and she had enough to cover only pieces about athletes in her college She wanted to make a difference and to talk to the world about Vietnam and its impact After a certain incident, her father decided to sent her away to study to Sorbonne in Paris Find that story, Janey.

Find one that looks like nothing on the outside, but once you crack it open Something incredible comes out. Even though that she didn't want to write this piece, it was the only way to prove that she can do a lot more things than writing about athletes And then Adrien Rousseau is happening Even though that Janey thinks that Adrien is one of the many hot, damp jocks, he proves her wrong again and again And as she's getting to know him better, she is sure that Adrien is a very good man whome is winning her heart steadily And not only that, but he might be the biggest story that she could ever chase in her carreer The biggest story of my life.

Janey was a dynamic woman who knew what she wanted and she was chasing it Adrien from the other hand, was He was such a good person and he had a very big load upon his shoulders Honestly, i was feeling pain for him Janey and Adrien were really good for each other They were fitting perfectly But which book of hers isn't amazing??? I loved that she put the story back in the 70's and i liked the matters that she added inside It was one good story.

That's what any woman wants. Apr 12, Kate's Corner rated it really liked it Shelves: Like reaching through a fire…. Janey a journalism student wants to make a difference and is willing to take those risks. Her father not so much-After getting too close to the Vietnam protests in California she is sent off to Paris by her father to keep her safe.

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Adrien football player extraordinaire and medical student is an up and coming star in the French football league. He is torn between doing what his heart wants and what is right for his family. That is until he meets Janey.

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I loved the idea of Janey interviewing a footballer and that she has no idea about footie. But if she had said soccer one more time I would have dived into the book and strangled her. But the portraying of preconceived notions is spot on. I liked both main characters and the chemistry they have with one another.

She grips you with the emotions that she wants you to convey. It is a bit slow for my liking in the pace department that is slow build and burn romance with these two which is very sweet. Heat level is low and there is no angst here at all. Though another winner by Ms. Good things do come in small packages — One Good Man is full of heart and feels. Her passion is beyond sweaty men and their muscles. She wants to be taken seriously and perhaps write important stories that make a difference in the world. She ventures out to take pictures during a protest. During a mix of chaos, she is caught and thrown into jail.

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He sends her to Paris to finish her schooling away from all the riots and mayhem. Janey is hoping for a new start with the journalism department at Sorbonne. Unfortunately, her first assignment is yet another story on a sports star. Adrien Rousseau is the best center forward football star that Paris has seen in generations with high hopes of turning pro. Janey knows all too well about hot jocks and their big egos. She is not thrilled but accepts the assignment hoping to prove herself.

What Janey does not expect is falling for the charming man she thought she despised. I adore this hero — talented, good looking, famous with the gals but he has layers … not a typical cocky jock guys! Adrien has a good soul, sweet, and kind. Besides playing football, he is also a second-year medical student but turning pro he would have to quit medical school. Adrien carries a weight on his shoulders, harboring some deep secrets.

He struggles with making the right decisions for himself and his family. What will he choose? Yes, Adrien happens to play football but there is so much more to this story. Beautiful, heartfelt, romantic and as usual fantastic writing!!! As with all Emma's writing there is a depth to the story that goes beyond the surface issues, how she manages to do this even in a novella I do not know. This is not just a story about a playboy soccer star and a future journalist, its about perception, duty, family bonds.

Set in the 70's in France with its very own soundtrack, and references to the ongoing effects of the Vietnam war. I loved it, but I can always do with more when it comes to a novella and would love to see more of their story in the future. Read in the Team Player anthology: This was a wonderful and heartfelt novella. It was set in the 's during the Vietnam war.

One Good Man by Emma Scott

Janey is an aspiring journalist who gets sent to study in France by her father. There she meets soccer player Adrian. Adrian is the ultimate sports hero that we all love. He is sexy and considered one of the best up and coming players of that generation. He displays the playboy persona but we learn quickly there is much more to Adrian that meets the eye. There was great Read in the Team Player anthology: There was great chemistry with this couple but this was more than just a fun romance.

I really admired this couple. From beginning scenes to the ending scenes, it simply delights. It is so dang well done--funny, great editing, moving, REAL. No pretense, no bad acting. The casting was fabulous. Proof that LDS Cinema has come into its own: Great movie that does a pretty good job catching some of the joys and challenges of being an LDS bishop and also the ups and the downs of Mormon families.

It really helped us to resolve to do better with our family, callings, life, etc. What a great example to follow! I was looking foward to watching this movie, but was really disappointed. The story line was okay, but the characters were very flat and the acting was almost painful to watch. This movie really missed the mark for me and my family and we stopped watching halfway through.

This was a very sweet and touching film: A great tribute to good men and fathers everywhere. The characters and situations were very relateable to me. This is another great movie made by the same man who did Errand of Angels which I also love. I've read the other reviews. If green leaves in winter, less-than A-list acting, or inconsistencies such as a Stake President meeting with a prospective bishop without inviting the wife to accompany him would cause you to dismiss a movie as beneath your standards, then don't watch this one.


But if you are looking for an authentic, sympathetic portrayal of LDS family life that will uplift and move you, then this is a must-see film. My husband was serving as bishop when we saw this and we laughed and cried and nodded knowingly. I don't expect much from LDS movies anymore, but this one was fab! If only there were more movies like this one, I'd never have to watch non-lds movies ever again! Watched it for the first time last night, was very impressed. Watching the character of Aaron, makes me think about what kind of father I want to be. Not perfect, but just wanting to do the right thing, and the love he had for those around him Great DVD about a bishop and all the demands and sacrifices required for a man who does not receive pay for his position.

Storyline was smooth and thought provoking. I like Mormon cinema, but it genuinely frightens me for Mormon culture that so many could review this movie positively. It was terrible in every way. And if you must watch, borrow a copy one shouldn't be hard to come by rather than waste your money. Unfortunately, I already threw my copy out or you could have it. The fact is, I had some interest in seeing this film. Excel has put out a lot of films, none of them generating much interest. Contrary to most other such films, the storyline for this film intrigued me, since our daughter was recently married and I had recently been called.

I really wanted to like this film. Other than good photography and music, however, it was not much of a grabber. My kids weren't as kind in their comments. My recently returned missionary son thought it was horrible.

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My next to go son said it stunk. Even my sweet wife said it was too forced. They all begged me to pull it out after fifteen minutes. We're very picky about the films we watch. But, just because a film might be clean which we insist , or even put out by LDS people, doesn't make it good. The Book of Mormon Movie is an example of that. My family and I watched it Six thumbs up for this film! I think this is one of my top 5 movies of all time!! I could definitely relate!! And the sound track is beautiful!! I highly recommend this movie!!

I agree with several of the other reviews. It seemed authentic, touching, a better sense of the LDS lifestyle.