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The size of the selected blocks varies from 15 to 30 cm fig. These blocks were knapped on and near the outcrop, without solution of continuity.

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The knapping scatters vary in size: The Levallois surface was often roughly shaped and the frequent dissimmetry of the sides fig. When possible, the Levallois core was reprepared to obtain a second, third or even fourth preferential flake fig. Few Levallois cores were trimmed by bipolar debitage fig. A minority of nonLevallois debitages was recognized: The classification of the preferential flakes according to the angle of edge table 3 , the shape table 4 , the size table 5, fig.

Two methods have been employed for identifying the used flakes. The traceology Dr Jean-Paul Capar has distinguished 9 flakes which show an edge with removals due to the percussion on soft mineral or hard organic material fig. The good preservation of the main archaeological floors and the conservation of in situ knapping areas allowed to classify the endproducts in three main groups and five subgroups fig.

The probability of use concerns groups B, C and D , that is confirmed by the use wear analysis: The preferential flakes have been submitted to univariate and multivariate analysis Prof. Eric Depiereux that have displayed the importance of the profile of the flakes table 7: The presence of small removals on the edges near the butt of used flakes is a good criterion of diagnosis fig.

Few differences appear between the two sites table 8 , except the lack of flakes used on soft mineral or hard organic material at Champ Bruquette and the slightly bader quality of raw material at Champ Bruquette. The multivariate analysis has allowed to suggest a possible use for some flakes from both sites which show no use mark table 9: We conclude that Mousterian at Hermies restricted the use to only preferential flakes, among them they selected the most regular items, showing a rectilinear profile. The question is so the relationship beetween production and use, because most of the knapped preferential flakes were considered as unsuited to use and left on the knapping spot.

Conversely, the largest and the better preferential flakes, on both sites, were introduced from other workshops, that suggests the possibility of exchange network. Finally, we emphasize the specialization of some recent Middle Paleolithic sites in one particular schema operatoire, either Levallois or discoid method. The chronological signifiance of this preference is discussed, because the Levallois method predominates all along the stratigraphy at Hermies.

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