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Appleseed scans the stacks for Tinyville Town: An Exercise in Mindfulness by Frank J. Love, Sex, Romance; and Being a Teen Girl by Karen Rayne, which provides girls with practical, funbiased guidance about romantic relationships and sex. Andersen holds its nose for Troll Stinks by Jeanne Willis, illus.

Low, a third outing for the kid detective and his robot. Ballyhoo for the Bunion Derby! Candlewick Entertainment ushers in the season with tie-ins to the following media properties: Arrnenius, a novelty board book featuring friendly bugs; Big Bug Log , illus. Delicious Allergy-Free Recipes for Kids by Katrina Joregensen, containing simple, safe recipes kids can create on their own; Escaping the Nazis on the Kindertransport by Emma Carlson Berne, the accounts of Jewish children who were rescued from Nazi Germany between and and brought to new homes in the U.

Charlesbridge goes to the head of the class with Malala: Chouette gets a kick out of spring with four new titles starring the curious four-year-old, Caillou. Chronicle checks its bags for London by Jennifer Adams, illus. Handprint glows with Under the Silver Moon by Pamela Dalton, a collection of lullabies and good night poems.

Twirl feels the hustle and bustle with The Ultimate Book of Cities by Anne-Sophie Bauman, introducing the details of how cities work, via more than 60 tabbed moving parts to pull, lift; and explore. Sibert award, and biologist Mya Thompson. Goode, the first African-American woman to own a patent, for her cupboard-bed invention. Disney Press is all smiles for Tales from the Haunted Mansion: The Perilous Polynesian Pendant by Jason Lethcoe, in which Andy searches for his missing grandfather who is a famous archaeologist and explorer; and some magical artifacts; and Star Darlings: Hyperion rolls out the red carpet with Welcome: The Return, Book Three by Ridley Pearson, the finale of the spin-off series set in the early days of Disney theme parks; and Serafina, Book Three untitled by Robert Beatty, wrapping up the trilogy that finds Serafina fending off a sinister threat to Biltmore Estate.

Marvel Press celebrates the season with tie-ins to the following Marvel properties: Squirrel Girl and Guardians of the Galaxy. DK breaks it down with The Elements Book , a visual guide to the chemical elements that make up our world; First Words , presenting basic vocabulary for babies and toddlers; and Women Who Changed the World , portraits of the women and girls who have shaped the modern world. Eerdmans hops into spring with Mrs. Katherine Tegen counts down to spring with Hours by Rachel Vincent, kicking off a trilogy about six teens on a spring break trip that takes a terrifying turn; The Silver Gate by Kristin Bailey, first of a middle grade duology focused on siblings seeking haven from a society that believes one of them is a changeling; Outlaws of Time 2: The Song of Glory and Ghost by N.

Wilson, another outing for misfit hero Sam and his memory-keeping sidekick Glory; Famous by Jilly Gagnon, a contemporary romance from a debut teen author; and Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson, a YA debut in which a teen girl convicted of a crime at age nine reveals what happened in her past. Walden Pond seals the hatch for Last Day on Mars by Kevin Emerson, launching a middle grade space opera in which humanity must find a new home among the stars; York by Laura Ruby, a middle grade adventure about a centuries-old puzzle laid into the streets of New York by its architects; Two Truths and a Lie: Arnold, the kick-off of a young chapter book series starring a boy on the autism spectrum; and Orphan Island by Laurel Snyder, featuring nine kids who live on a mysterious island where each year a boat delivers a new child and takes the eldest one away.

Mantis by Paul Meisel, confessions from a ravenous insect; Transportation by Gail Gibbons, exploring various modes of how people and things get from here to there; Noodleheads See the Future by Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss, illus. HMH goes courtside for Swish!: Aim, Shoot, Rebound, and Score in This Game Called Life by Kwame Alexander, featuring poetry, inspirational lessons about basketball and life, and quotes from athletes and notable role models; Definitions of Indefinable Things by Whitney Taylor, a debut novel exploring issues of depression and teen pregnancy; Armstrong and Charlie by Steven B.

A Quinnie Boyd Mystery by C. Surrisi, about two suspicious newcomers to town who claim to be the confidants of a vampire count; and Strangers in Atlantis by Matt Myklusch, latest in the Seaborne series starring reformed pirate Dean Seaborne. Carolrhoda Lab pitches a tent with Camp So-and-So by Mary McCoy, set at a summer camp for girls where residents of each of the five cabins are mysteriously compelled to act out a version of a classic camp story; Pointe, Claw by Amber J. Keyser, a new Quartz Creek Ranch outing.

Epidemics and Scourges throughout the Ages by John Farndon, illus. Little Bee steps up to the starting line for Ready, Set, Build! The Cave of Aaaaah! Murphy and David Diaz, which follows baby animals as they chronicle what they see in the natural world. Little, Brown twinkles with The Star Thief by Lindsey Becker, a debut middle-grade fantasy about a crew of sailors intent on capturing the constellations; Shine!

Mission Moon by Drew Brockington, first in a new graphic novel series starring an elite group of cat astronauts on a mission to save the world. The Van Gogh Brothers by Deborah Heiligman, the true story of the relationship between the painter and his art dealer sibling; and Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios, about a girl whose friends help her leave an abusive relationship. Imprint raids the fridge for Sleepover Surprise by Suzanne Selfors, in which Leilani, who longs to be popular, finds friendship among the least cool kids in school; Everywhere, Wonder by Matthew Swanson, illustrated by Robbi Behr, spotlighting a boy and his dog who travel the world seeing wonders of all sorts; Fix-It Friends: Priddy Books greets the season with the following early concept books by Roger Priddy: Hindle, a spelling-and vocabulary-filled road trip across the U.

Month9 beams into Station Fosaan by Dee Garretson, in which a teen boy with authority issues must save his people from a malevolent alien race; Of the Trees by E. Tantrum clears things up with Uncertain Summer by Jessica Lee Anderson, a story about a boy and his friends who spend the summer trying to prove the existence of Bigfoot in order to win a contest, but end up finding much more; and The Tick Tock Man by R. Clark, set in a world where everything is made of clock parts.

National Geographic maps out spring with Motor Girls by Sue Macy, which delves into the first generation of motor girls who drove cars for fun, profit, and to make a statement about the evolving role of women; This Book Stinks! Peachtree leaps into spring with Prince Ribbit by Jonathan Emmett, illus. Cartoon Network steps into spring with licensed books in various formats from the following TV properties: They become glass collectors, searching through the rubbish dumps and dirty alleys to find glass to sell in order to survive. But, when Suresh realises his younger brother isn't coping as well as he thought, he must find a way to save Sandeep and himself from a terrible fate.

Bronte girls, The A father keeps his family locked in a time warp, away from the 20th century. Brontide Brontide is a coming of age story about four boys and their lot in life. Recounted through storytelling sessions at their school over a period of five days, these boys chronicle their lives.

They are at times demanding, occasionally rude, always funny and unexpectedly profound. The boys like to challenge themselves and the rules, and soon realise that not everything goes to plan. Life is lonely and isolated until she meets Bronze, who, unable to speak, is ostracised by the village boys. The pair becomes inseparable. When Bronze's family agrees to take Sunflower in, she is overjoyed and Bronze has got the sister he always wanted. But, life is hard and Bronze's family can barely afford to feed themselves.

Buddy Josh appears a typical teenager, resentful of his parents' divorce and dad's new girlfriend. Despite a crippling fear of the water, he learns to swim so that he can take part in the Iron Kid Triathlon, Sensitive treatment of mental retardation. Bungawitta The town of Bungawitta is so dry that the youngest resident, Glory-Alice, has only ever seen rain on television. The residents have to work out how to bring people to the dying town, where the sun always shines.

Burnt stick, The An Aboriginal boy is removed from his mother, despite her desperate efforts to disguise his fair skin by rubbing him with charcoal from a burnt stick. Butter Butter is overweight and he knows it. He is unpopular at school and sits alone at lunch. Then he decides to eat himself to death live over the net. Suddenly he is the centre of attention with the coolest group at school - he knows it is only because of his site but he is no longer alone.

Will he go through with his dare and will his new found 'friends' let him or make him.

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Butterfly heart, The In Zambia, time is running out as Bul-Boo and Madillo try to work out a way to save their friend, Winifred, from a terrifying fate. In desperation, they ask the advice of Ifwafwa, the snake man, who promises to think about the problem. Ifwafwa is wise and has a gift with snakes, but he does not like to hurry and Bul-Boo becomes impatient.

When the principal's prized rose garden is vandalised, Rex and Tony, get the blame. But it is a set-up, and Tony is ""making enquiries"". Rex discovers a dilemma, a new friend and even netball. Caddy ever after Saffy and Rose have a near death experience on the moors involving a party balloon.

Indigo is trying to sort out everybody's love life including his own. More importantly, Caddy has found true love and is about to marry and live happily ever after.

Random Act Of Kindness #99 - Practice Kindness Team Brings Happiness and Joy to Others - PK

Callie A reissue combining two books, Callie's castle and Callie's family. You can read Callie's family using the ID number Callie is an ordinary child living in an extraordinary old house. She is bitterly disappointed when she is just one month too old at twelve to be able to go to Denmark with her dad as no-one can afford the adult fare she now needs. Came back to show you I could fly Eleven year old Seymour meets Angie, who is older and beautiful, a dream girl. Seymour is unaware that Angie is a drug addict.

Their friendship, and the revelation of this secret, changes both their lives. Candle for Saint Antony, A An intense story about the developing, close relationship between Justin, an Australian boy, and Rudi, a sensitive boy from Austria. Their emotional interdependence causes trouble in their peer group as others question the nature of the relationship.

Candyfloss Floss has a special bond with her penniless father with whom she shares a humorous relationship. By ignoring the teasing from her peers, she is able to discover true friendship. Captain Mack Danny has a difficult time at school. The school bully picks on him and Danny's friend, Captain Mack, still thinks that he is a POW and wants to return home. Cardturner, The Alton's girlfriend has dumped him, he has no money and no job, so it looks like a long summer holiday ahead. Then he is asked to drive his old, blind and sick uncle to play bridge. His parents are desperate for him to get in his uncle's good books, but Alton soon finds himself enjoying his uncle's company, as well as playing bridge.

Care and feeding of a pet black hole, The Stella Rodriguez learns the hard way that caring for a black hole can be a rather complicated thing. They are fantastic at swallowing stuff - all the stuff she no longer wants around, like scratchy sweaters and her brother Cosmo's annoying toy. More importantly Stella finds that she can get rid of other things, things that remind her of her dad, who died recently, things that remind her to be sad. It's gets even more interesting when the black hole accidentally swallows something far too precious to lose and Stella has to go deep inside on an epic, interstellar adventure to save her whole world.

Who knew that have a pet black hole could be so much trouble? Caro was here One match, one chance, she thinks. Skipping school to lead a group of friends - and enemies - on an adult-free excursion to an island in Sydney Harbour is Caro's idea of a twelfth birthday outing. She can handle that too. But the challenges multiply.

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They're not alone on the island, and Caro must save her friends from life-threatening danger. And Baz might be evil and a vampire, but he could also be right. Most of the time, Simon can't make his wand work, he mostly can't find his mentor, and there's a magic-eating monster causing mayhem. Baz would be loving it, except he hasn't even bothered to come back to school for the final year.

Carry On is a ghost story, a love story and a mystery. You think you've read this book before, but you haven't. Cartboy and the time capsule Hal Rifkind wonders why he can't have the easy life he craves - a room of his own, time to play video games with his best mate Arnie and most of all, surviving grade six. Instead he has to share his room with his twin baby sisters, is only permitted 15 minutes of video games on weekends and he has a year-long history assignment to complete.

Casson family series Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books; up to five more can be read as personal choice books. Go to the Series lists for individual book titles. Cat mummy, The Verity is devastated when Mabel, her adored cat, dies. School lessons about the Ancient Egyptians lead Verity to attempt to honour Mabel with an Ancient Egyptian mummification. Verity's mum died during childbirth and her dad and grandparents have avoided speaking to her about it, but now it is time to talk.

Catland Having to stay with her Dad, his new wife and two stepdaughters when her mum goes to India is not as bad as Rose first thinks. Her stepmother is mounting a campaign against cats and a neighbour who has lots of them. Rose finds a solution. Certain music, A In , a young, lonely girl spends much of her time hiding in the Vienna Woods.

She spies an old man, a composer, and they form an odd friendship which develops through their mutual love of music. A story of how she triumphs over difficult circumstances and how people can help each other. Chalkline It's an ordinary morning at school in rural Kashmir when the silence of dawn prayers is ripped apart by gunfire.

Freedom Fighters are raiding his village and Rafiq is the first boy to cross the chalkline into a life of brutality and violence. Rafiq's memory of his family has been all but obliterated by his forced training, indoctrination and terrorist actions and is unrecognisable as the boy who left the village. Change the locks Steven has to assume much of the responsibility for his little brother when his young mother can't cope. Steven's fears, and the memories that accompany them, are explained as he becomes closer to his mother.

Some strong language in context. Changing gear Merrick Hilton has done a runner. On his postie bike. With his swag and a need to clear his head before the HSC. He plays his parents and hits the road. But there's no telling how he'll handle life's potholes when things don't go as planned. Thankfully Victor - an old bloke he meets on the road - knows a bit about broken postie bikes, and broken hearts. Will Victor, Merrick, and the dog survive road-kill, the kindness of strangers, a rave, mindless violence and unexpected romance?

There's only one way to find out. Chanters of Tremaris series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Charlotte and the starlet Charlotte is a thirteen year old girl with aspirations of joining the Junior Olympic Equestrian Squad. She loves riding and knows she is good but nothing has prepared her for the dirty tricks that other competitors have up their sleeves.

Chat room Sam is thirteen and has recently moved from Sydney to Melbourne with her high powered, busy parents. She has started at a new school and feels lonely and isolated. Sam logs onto chat rooms for company and begins a friendship with Chatman, a charming seventeen year old. But, Chatman is not what he seems and the developing friendship takes a sinister turn. Addresses contemporary problems associated with the anonymity of chat rooms and internet predators.

A true story of hope and survival during World War II A story about the strength of one young girl separated from her family during the 2nd World War and sent to live with strangers in England. While the war drags on over years and Lisa dreams of seeing her family again she clings to the one gift her mother told her to never loose, her music. Lisa's piano playing would go on and brighten the lives of all those around her in the darkest of times and her story reminds us not just of the power of music, but of the amazing resilience and humbling kindness of the human spirit.

For anyone who enjoyed The Diary of Anne Frank. Chinese Cinderella and the secret dragon society A young girl is thrown out of her home by her cruel stepmother onto the dangerous streets of Shanghai. She takes refuge in a Martial Arts Academy and becomes part of a new family. A secret mission changes her life dramatically. Chocolate wishes Lulu scales new heights with her enchanted recipe book and now is challenged by an international arch villain.

Chook called Harry, A There are ten chooks in the chook house and Chris collects the eggs every day. When his favourite chook, Happy Harry, stops laying, Chris's Dad says that she's not pulling her weight and will have to go. Chris must work out a way to save her. Some derogatory language used in context. Chronicles of ancient darkness series In the pre-agricultural Stone Age, a boy called Torak struggles against the forces of evil that killed his father.

Cicada summer Two years ago, Eloise's mother died and, over time, sadness has taken her voice. Her father, preoccupied with grandiose schemes that allow him to run from his own grief, ignores what is happening with Eloise's quietness. When Eloise meets Anna, a girl from another time, things begin to change as Eloise finds the peace and safety she needs to heal. City of orphans trilogy series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Clancy of the Undertow In a dead-end town like Barwen, sixteen year old Clancy feels like a freak.

She has a dysfunctional family, a real interest in Nature Club and a big crush on the local hot girl. Then, her dad is involved in a smash that kills two teenagers and the family must deal with the hostile town. Clancy meets someone who might become a friend and Sasha starts to show what may be a romantic interest. This is the summer when Clancy has to figure out just who she is. Usually read by years 9, 10 or above. Clean break Em and her siblings are devastated by their dad's departure. Em escapes to a fantasy world with the help of a reindeer glove puppet.

Close to the wind A war torn country, a town that is burning. Ten year old Malik's mother has been missing for days, his home has become unrecognisable and the grandfather he hardly knows is insisting they leave on the final ship, to a country promising safety and a new life. When Papa meets two old friends, he makes a deal that could save them. But, this is only the beginning of the journey for Malik.

If he is to escape, he will need all his courage, his sense of right and wrong, and a magic trick that he must practice until it's perfect. Cloudwish For sixteen year old scholarship student Van Uoc Phan, magic has never been part of the plan. She is all work and no play; responsible and rational; quiet on the outside, the noise of her tumbling private thoughts kept neatly within.

So, when she makes a wish about golden boy rower, Billy Gardiner, and it seems to come true, her sense of rationality as well as her sense of self are thrown into a state of flux. Code name Mr Right Penelope, known as Snot, thinks she has found the perfect man for her mum. Some strong language used in context. Code name series Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books and up to five more can be read as personal choice books. During their trip, the girls each receive a strange and magical doll, a Daruma.

But mum and the new step-dad have some surprises in store for Penelope that might not be so pleasant. Colour graffix series Pacy, exciting stories set in full colour comic-style layouts, with football soccer focus. Come sing, Jimmy Jo Jimmy Jo becomes a great country and western singer and finds his family is not what it seems. Coming home Gemma watches her dad as he sits alone in his tangled garden. She doesn't understand why he seems so sad. Gemma's dad is experiencing depression and Gemma wonders what she might be able to do to help him.

Completely Cassidy series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Accidental genius With an embarrassing Dad, a pregnant Mum, a loser brother and knicker-chewing dog, Cassidy feels practically invisible in her family. When she starts high school and is forced to wear her gross big brother's old blazer and old-lady lace up shoes, Cassidy wonders if life can get any worse. But, when her school has a test and she is marked as gifted and talented, Cassidy starts to have a little faith in herself.

Surely the school didn't mistake her picked-at-random answers. Drama queen Cassidy can't wait to enrol at Dance and Drama Academy summer school. She's always dreamed of discovering her hidden talent. But, with auditions looming, Cassidy is gripped by stage fright. As big brother, Liam, keeps reminding her, she does have a knack for embarrassing herself. Cassidy is terrified that her stage debut will turn out to be an all-singing, all-dancing disaster.

Star reporter When Cassidy starts an online petition for a uniform change, she is thrilled to be invited to join the school magazine as a reporter. The editor is the very popular Year 10 girl. But, her plans go pear-shaped when her investigations mysteriously end up online. Cassidy must find out who is leaking her top-secret gossip. Many servicemen and servicewomen have faced extraordinary dangers, while their loved ones waiting at home suffered months, and even years, of uncertainty.

Yet, despite the difficulties, a strong sense of shared experience, friendship, and camaraderie often developed. Con-nerd Connor is under extreme pressure. At home, his mother has his future planned so as to bring honour to the family. This means a selective high school, with coaching after school to pass the tests, and then a career as a doctor.

Anything less is unthinkable, including Connor's real talent of drawing manga style characters and making his own comic books. Then, there's his classmates' perception that he's a nerd. Coraline There is something strange about Coraline's new home. It's not the mist, or the cat that always seems to be watching her, nor the signs of danger that Miss Spink and Miss Forcible, her new neighbours, read in the tea leaves.

It's the other house - the one behind the old door in the drawing room. Another mother and father with black-button eyes and papery skin are waiting for Coraline to join them there. And they want her to stay with them. She knows that if she ventures through that door, she may never come back. Cosmic Liam is not your usual twelve year old boy. For a start, he is man-size and is always being mistaken for his father. This is Liam's opportunity and his greatest dilemma. Yesterday, he was just a kid, now he is stuck in space, perhaps forever, with hilarious results.

But, the greatest lessons he learns are about fatherhood. Counting by 7s Willow Chance is a twelve year old genius, obsessed with nature, diagnosing medical conditions and counting by 7s.

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It has never been easy for Willow to connect with anyone other than her adoptive parents. Willow has led a quietly happy life until her parents die in a car crash, leaving her alone in a baffling world. Crenshaw When Jackson's father becomes ill and cannot work, the family is struggling to pay the rent or buy food. When it seems they could lose everything and face homelessness, Crenshaw, Jackson's imaginary cat, comes back into his life to help them. Crocodile Jack Jack is surprised but delighted when his big brother, Tom, invites him to go fishing.

Of course, there's a catch. Jack is just the right size to fit through the shed window to borrow Dad's favourite fishing lure. There's also another job for Jack, he's to be the lookout to spot crocodile bubbles while Tom and his mate fish for barramundi. Crongton knights For McKay, living on the South Crongton council estate has become even tougher since his mum died.

His dad is working all hours, his brother rides the streets at night, tempting trouble. And, after an heroic but misguided mission to help a girl, McKay is facing a crazy ex-boyfriend, power-tripping hood-rats and a violent gangster. He never asked for trouble. During one mad night of adventure and danger, McKay will find out who his true friends are and what it means to stick with family.

Cruisin' Jules' mother wins a cruise and, on board, he discovers it's full of older passengers. There's little choice of companionship other than Adrian, his dancing-obsessed cousin, the very beautiful Jenna, wheelchair-bound Suzi Q and bully, Barry Barnes. Falling madly in love with the unobtainable Jenna, Jules develops a strong friendship with Suzi as she steers him through his unrequited love, with unexpected results. Cuckoo, The Martin is the runt of his family.

Without a mother to protect him, his overbearing father and brothers reject him. Martin finds the courage to fight for personal fulfilment. Cupid cakes Lulu's best friend, Frenchy, wants Lulu to play cupid to her own dad and Frenchy's mum. Lulu cooks up the Cupid Cakes recipe. Disaster strikes when everyone starts falling in love with the wrong person. Dads have no shame Sarah is unhappy as she has to help her Dad with a garage sale. When their neighbour sets ups his own garage sale, the battle is on to see who will get the most customers. Sarah is really embarrassed as she watches just how far Dad will go to win.

  • Writing with Scissors: American Scrapbooks from the Civil War to the Harlem Renaissance.
  • True Ghost Stories.
  • Du sang sur les roses : Prix du quai des orfèvres 1999 (Policier) (French Edition)?
  • Gimme All Your Lovin.
  • Joanne Fluke Christmas Bundle: Sugar Cookie Murder, Candy Cane Murder, Plum Pudding Murder, & Gingerbread Cookie Murder (A Hannah Swensen Mystery).
  • Southampton Memorials of Care for Man and Beast?
  • Job: Wrestling With Lifes Challenges (Compass).

Dancing in the dark Ditty was born to dance but she was also born Jewish. When her strictly religious parents won't let her take ballet lessons, Ditty starts to dance in secret. Keeping her two worlds apart will come at a huge personal cost. Danny Allen was here Danny, his brother and sister and their friend, Mark, get up to all sorts of hilarious, hair-raising mischief. But, Danny and his family must face the biggest challenge of all, life without their farm. Danny the champion of the world Danny loves his life with his dad in the little gypsy caravan. His dad never runs out of wonderful stories.

When Danny discovers his father' s secret, he' s off on the adventure of a lifetime, involving an hilarious pheasant-snatching expedition, and a daring plot to get the better of the horrible Mr Victor Hazell. Darcy Moon and the deep-fried frogs Darcy Moon is an ordinary girl with ordinary problems. She's low on cash and low on the necessary street cred to fit in with the cool crowd. But, Darcy's life is about to take a great leap forward. When a freaked-out frog asks for help, it's up to her to fix the food chain, save the swamp and prove that money can't buy everything.

Darius Bell and the crystal bees The disappearance of bees heralds huge changes on the Bell estate. Without bees, there won't be honey or, more importantly, cross-pollination of the fruit and vegetables, which Mr Fisher and his family sell in order to survive. Darius comes up with a complex plan that involves an enthusiastic teacher. But, Darius must deliver fabulous costumes to the school principal so that the school can win a highly contested parade.

Darius Bell and the glitter pool The Bell family's ancestors were showered with honours, gifts and grants of land. In exchange, they have bestowed a Gift, every twenty-five years, on the town. Now, it's Darius's father's turn but there is no money for an impressive gift. When an earthquake reveals a glorious cave, Darius thinks he might have found the answer.

Dark is rising series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Dead certain Max has a plan. A plan to help out his favourite uncle one last time. Dad will probably ground him and he won't be able to go to Thomo's go-kart party but Max knows exactly what he has to do. In fact, he's dead certain. Dead I know, The Aaron has left school and is starting a job as assistant to a funeral director.

Although uncommunicative, Aaron is a willing and capable worker. But, his home life is fraught. Aaron lives at a caravan park and is the sole carer of his guardian, who's on the verge of dementia. And, Aaron is frightened. He walks in his sleep and has nightmares he can't explain and memories he can't recover. Dear Jack Laney Curtis is in Year 8 when her mother develops breast cancer rejecting chemotherapy because she is pregnant. This touching story describes Laney's struggle with the possibility that her mother may die. Also, Laney develops a plan to snare Andy Carter, a student at her school.

Best suited to mature readers. Deep water When her mum suddenly disappears, Danni moves to a tiny Cornish fishing village with her Dad, where the locals treat her like a monster. As the village's dark, disturbing past bubbles to the surface, Danni discovers that she's not who, or what, she thought she was. And, the only way to save her family from a bitter curse is to embrace her incredible, new gift, however impossible it seems.

Destiny's right hand While stumbling through a harsh world of hopes and expectations, teenage journalist, Eddie Innocent, meets the stunning but strange Destiny. As they work together to solve a painful mystery, Eddie wonders if he's finally discovered the front page news story he's been looking for. Diary of a would be-princess Jillian James burning ambition is to belong to the popular Princess Group. They accuse her of being a dork because she sits next to Nigel. In a rocky ride through year five, Jillian learns that being a Princess isn't the only thing in life worth achieving, and that true friends can come in different shapes and sizes.

Diary Z Red Liston entertains the reader with diary entries about his teenage exploits. Different life, A A swim in the sea results in Libby catching an infection which paralyses her legs and leads to a different life. Diva series Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books and up to five more can be read as personal choice books.

Do-wrong Ron Ron is a gentle, well intentioned boy who always seems to do the wrong thing at the wrong time or the right thing at the wrong time or the wrong thing at the right time, until he befriends Charlie, a guinea pig, and Isabelle, his new neighbour. Does my head look big in this Amal is a typical sixteen year old. When she decides to wear a head scarf to school, her Islamic faith, personal strength and friendships are tested. An insight into contemporary Australian ethnic and religious issues. Strong language in context. Dog gone Ish's dog is gone. Vanished in a country town. There are no clues, only something mysterious and ghostlike in the town's graveyard.

Then, a bully from the local school starts to blackmail Ish. He thinks things can't get any worse. Dog, Ray, The Twelve year old Daisy has just died in a car crash. But, in a twist of fate and through a heavenly bureaucratic mistake, Daisy ends up in the body of a dog. She may now be inhabiting a dog's body but, inside, Daisy is still very much Daisy - bouncy, loyal, positive and energetic. Daisy's only thought is to somehow reunite with her parents, who she knows will be missing her. This is how she meets Pip, a boy who is homeless and on his own journey. Dogs, The Cameron and his mum have been on the run for five years.

His father is hunting them.

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At least, that's what Cameron has been told. When they settle in an isolated farmhouse, in the middle of nowhere, Cameron starts to see and hear things that aren't possible. Soon, he's questioning everything he thought he knew and, even, his sanity. Cameron must uncover the dark secrets buried in the past, before they tear him apart. Doldrums, The Archer B Helmsley is a dreamer who lives in a house full of curiosities and his overprotective mother.

His famous grandparents vanished while exploring an iceberg in Antarctica. Archer is lonely until he meets Oliver, more of a worrier than a warrior, and Adelaide, a mysterious Parisian girl with a wooden leg. Together, they plan to embark on a rescue mission to Antarctica. If only Archer's mother would let him leave the house.

Dolls of war In , eleven-year-old Macy James lives near the Oregon coast with her father, the curator of a small museum. Miss Tokyo, one of 58 exquisite Friendship Dolls given to America by Japan in , is part of the museum's collection and one of Macy's most treasured connections to her mother who recently passed away. However, when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbour, Macy discovers the ugly side of prejudice and fear in many of her neighbours, as they demand the doll and all it represents, be destroyed and she is the only one left standing up for Miss Tokyo, her mother's memory and the hope of forgiveness.

Don't breathe a word Mackenzie and Tahlia have lived with their grandfather since their parents died. Lately, Grandpa hasn't been himself and people are starting to notice. They try to hide his irrational behaviour but Mackenzie must make some difficult choices to protect those she loves. Double time Ellyse is bursting with excitement. She's been invited to try out for a new youth soccer academy, along with her friends, Hu and Jamie. But, that's not the only thing. Cricket season has started again and there's both the school and club competitions to play. Ellyse is certain she can do it all.

That is, until she finds herself in danger of disappointing everyone around her. But, Ellyse doesn't want to have to choose between cricket and soccer. Dr Boogaloo and the girl who lost her laughter Dr Boogaloo was no ordinary doctor. Not at all like the one you might visit if you had a sore tummy. No, Dr Boogaloo was a very different type of doctor. He treated folks who suffered from rather unusual complaints.

And how did he treat them? Why, with the most powerful medicine known to mankind Blue was no ordinary girl. For starters, her name was Blue. But what was truly extraordinary about Blue was the fact that she hadn't laughed for days. Not a hee hee, a ho ho or even a tiny tee hee. According to Dr Boogaloo, music can cure anything. But no laughter was definitely a case for alarm. Can Dr Boogaloo compose a cure before Blue loses her laughter forever?

History of medicine in thirteen objects, A A mysterious bequest sends Rosy and Jaz on a race against time to identify thirteen strange and wonderful objects - which turn out to tell the story of medicine, from the superstitions of ancient Egypt to the modern-day ethical dilemmas of genetic testing. Can unicorns cure leprosy? What secrets of the brain did Michelangelo conceal in his Sistine Chapel paintings? Did a zombie discover the cure for scurvy? Does homeopathy actually work? Why did an Australian scientist decide to drink dangerous bacteria?

Did the bumps on Ned Kelly's head predict his fate? And how exactly did parachuting cats save a village from the plague? Dragon with a chocolate heart, The All Aventurine wants to do is explore the world outside of her family's mountain cave. However, as a young dragon, her tough scales haven't fully developed yet, so the outside is too perilous or so her family says. She is determined to fly on her own and prove them wrong by capturing the most dangerous prey of all- a human. But when that human tricks her into drinking an enchanted hot chocolate, Aventurine is transformed into a puny human girl- no sharp teeth, no fire breath, no claws.

Still she's the fiercest creature in these mountains, and now she's found her true passion-chocolate! Dragonlords of Quentaris Hero Rad is still very immature and finds himself kidnapped and sold into slavery. Quentaris is invaded and nearly all of the citizens are forced to wear slave neck collars. Drama Callie loves theatre. But, she can't really sing. Instead, she's the set designer for the drama department's stage crew and, this year, she's determined to create a set worthy of Broadway, on a school budget. But, Callie will need to learn about carpentry, try and sell tickets and help the crew work well together.

But, once the actors are chosen, the offstage dramas don't help, and the two cute brothers who enter the picture just make things crazier. Drama queen It seemed a good idea at the time. An overnight stay at a dairy farm to do an outside broadcast sounded like a lot of fun. Skye and I were having a great time but, if you asked Coco, it was the worst two days of her life. She really earned her new nickname, Drama Queen. Drawn onward From the masterful pen of multi-award-winning Meg McKinlay and dynamic new illustrator Andrew Frazer, Drawn Onward explores shifting perspectives and the inner voice.

The text is a palindrome that takes readers from the glass half empty - 'There is no light on the horizon and it is foolish to think you can change anything at all' - to the glass half full- 'You can change anything at all. It is foolish to think there is no light on the horizon.

Dream land All her life, Safina's parents have dreamed of returning to Grandpa's native village in Crimea. But, exchanging their sunny Uzbekistan house for a squalid camp is more like a nightmare for twelve year old Safi. She wonders whether this strange land can ever become home. A compelling story about the Crimean Tatars' struggle to reclaim the land from which they were exiled in the Second World War.

Dream of seas, A Set in Bondi, a boy moves from the country to the city following the death of his father. Dropping In Sticks and Ranga live on the same street, go to the same school and love skateboarding and PlayStation. When new kid James arrives in his wheelchair, Sticks isn't sure they can be friends. But, Sticks quickly discovers that while Cerebral palsy stops James from doing some things, it hasn't dulled his sense of humour, and he's pretty brainy, too. The one thing James can't do is skateboarding.

But, a beat-up old couch, a couple of skateboards and a steep hill might solve the problem. Drought I remember when rain stopped, When day by day the water dropped, All across a sun-bleached land, Drought spread its withered, deadly hand. Little does she know that the sisters who have adopted her require her for their family business, a shadowy extortion racket of the early 19th century that uses spiritualism to fleece the susceptible and tragic.

Into this web stumbles Mrs Lambert, grieving mother of a drowned child. Dust Cecilia grew up on a farm, with her six brothers, in rural Queensland. She despised her neighbours, the Kapernicky girls. When Cecilia returns as an adult, secrets which were deeply buried come to the surface. Earth to Daniel I felt like a visitor from another planet instead of a normal human being who actually belonged on planet Earth.

Daniel has moved and has to start at a new school.

Spring 2017 Children's Sneak Previews

And to make matters worse, his mum is his new school principal! As if things are not bad enough, when his dad goes overseas, his mum starts to act really strange and does some really embarrassing things. Daniel wonders if this has anything to do with an illness that she had a long time ago. His mum needs help and it looks like Daniel has to be the one to save her. Earthsea series, The Beautifully written series, with complex and intricate plots in a plausible fantasy world. Eight keys Elise's life takes a turn for the worse. She's bullied at school and now feels embarrassed by her best friend, Franklin, who's decidedly uncool, and she's struggling to cope with new arrivals in her home.

Elise receives a mysterious key left for her by her father. A key that unlocks one of the eight doors upstairs in the barn. As Elise begins to unlock her past, she starts to realise that she can take control of her future. Eleanor and Park Eleanor is new in town. And she stands out instead of fitting in, with her mismatched clothes, her wild red hair and her chaotic home life.

The day she sits in the seat next to Park on the bus, impossibly cool Park, she starts to learn what it means to fall in love. Set over the course of one school year, Eleanor and Park fall in love thanks to late-night conversations and a stack of mix tapes. They have nothing and everything to lose. They are more real than any other character you will ever meet. Eleanor, Elizabeth Eleanor finds her grandmother's diary in the old schoolhouse where she did her lessons. Eli the good For ten year old Eli Book, the summer of threatens to tear his family apart.

There's his distant mother, his traumatised Vietnam vet dad, his rebellious sister, his anti-war protesting aunt, and his tough, yet troubled, best friend, Edie. As tempers flare and his father's nightmares rage, Eli watches from the sidelines. But, soon, even he cannot escape the current of conflict. Ellyse Perry series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Elsewhere Killed in an accident, 15 year old Liz is sent to Elsewhere.

She struggles to understand what has happened and how family and friends continue without her. But, in Elsewhere, Liz meets the grandmother she never knew, makes friends and falls in love. But, when his police-officer cousin arrives, flanked by a tall man in the uniform of the Federal Police, Emilio's long nightmare begins. Emilio's mother has been kidnapped in broad daylight by unidentified criminals, who appear to know a great deal about her business and who have mistaken her for a wealthy businesswoman. End, The The last book in the series about the Baudelaire orphans.

Includes a fearsome storm, a suspicious beverage, a herd of wild sheep, an enormous birdcage and a truly haunting secret about the Baudelaire parents. Endsister, The Meet the Outhwaite children. There's teenage Else, the violinist who abandons her violin. There's the inseparable twins, Oscar-and-Finn, Finn-and-Oscar. And then there is Sibbi, the baby of the family. They all live contentedly squabbling in a cottage surrounded by trees and possums Outhwaite House is full of old shadows and new possibilities.

The boys quickly find their feet in London, and Else is hoping to reinvent herself. But Sibbi is misbehaving, growing thinner and paler by the day, and she won't stop talking about the mysterious endsister. Meanwhile Almost Annie and Hardly Alice, the resident ghosts, are tied to the house for reasons they have long forgotten, watching the world around them change, but never leaving. The one thing they all agree on - the living and the dead - is never, ever to open the attic door Ersatz elevator, The The three Baudelaire orphans go to live in the penthouse of the trend-following Jerome and Esme Squalor, who adopt the children because orphans are "in.

Eventual poppy day Living one hundred years apart, two seventeen year old men are artists and share a love of painting. In , Maurice enlists to fight in World War l and his story allows us to see the brutality and futility of war, as well as the friendship and loyalty that develops. A century later, it is Maurice's diary, preserved in a tin box, that saves his deeply-troubled nephew, Oliver, from entering a downward spiral. Everything, everything Maddy is allergic to the world.

She hasn't left her house in seventeen years. Olly is the boy next door. He's determined to reach her. A story about the crazy risks we take for love. She begins a nature diary and, intrigued by an invasion of large, yellow grasshoppers, spends more time with her remote and cantankerous grandfather, an avid naturalist.

When they are about to make an amazing discovery, the reality of Callie's situation catches up with her. She's a girl, expected to cook and clean and sew. Exchange of heart Since the death of his sister, Evie, Munro Maddux has been stuck. A constant ache in his right hand. And a taunting voice he calls the Coyote. In an act of desperation, Munro heads off on a student exchange to Australia - the country of Evie's dreams. Forced by his new school to join a volunteer program, Munro discovers the Coyote is silenced in one place: Fair Go, an assisted-living residence in Brisbane's west.

Munro gets to know his team of residents: As this unlikely group shows Munro the sights, Munro's notion of what it means to be a big brother begins to change. But the burden Munro carries is not so easily cast aside. Will the Coyote triumph? Or can Munro find the fortitude necessary to mend his heart? Exposure The controversial marriage of Otello, black football star, and Desmerelda, socialite and white pop icon, attracts jealousy and betrayal.

The poor, street kids like Bush fight just as desperately for their family to survive. Realistic street language and drug references. Extreme girls Girls Stuff TV is going extreme. Jetboating sounds good, now add TV cameras, sound crew and a co-host who would love to see Mickey take a swim. Mickey's commitment to the show is tested as she tries to keep her head above water. Weird things happen all the time - that's normal.

But when an extremely weird thing happens Kipp and his friends know that something is wrong. They embark on a fast-paced, action-packed, hilarious adventure to find out what is making everything turn normal, and to return the weirdness to Huggabie Falls. Fairy four-eyes A star ballerina doesn't want to wear glasses with her tutu or dance with the only boy in ballet class who is new and who has become the teacher's favourite. Fairytales for Wilde Girls Isola Wilde sees lots of things others don't.

But when a dead girl appears at Isola's window, full of threats, Isola needs help. Can her real-life friends and her brother-princes - magical creatures seemingly lifted from the pages of the French fairytales Isola idolises - protect her. Isola needs to uncover the truth behind the dead girl's demise Explores concepts for older readers.

Fall, the Sam is staying with his crime reporter father as he recovers from a knee operation when he is woken shortly after 2am by loud voices arguing in the flat above. Curious he opens the window to hear more clearly when suddenly a man-sized shape falls the six floors to the garden below. Sam goes to his dad's room to wake him, only to discover that he is gone. Fearful that it may be his father lying in the garden he struggles on his crutches downstairs only to discover that there is no one there.

But someone is watching Sam and now Sam is in danger too. Falling from Grace A fruitless search is mounted for Grace. Kip, the last person to see her on the beach before her disappearance, may have harmed her or a dark and sinister stranger could be involved. Adult themes with strong and coarse language in context. Family from one end street, The Set thirty years ago, a dustman's large family all had various ways of entertaining themselves, despite the family's lack of money. Famous Mrs Pavlich tries to convince Sophie that being famous isn't a job but Sophie and several other students don't think this is right.

After all, they have seen plenty of people who are famous for doing nothing in particular. When Sophie gets a chance to go on her favourite TV game show, Mega Match, and gets close to winning, she has to make a choice. Fantastic beasts and where to find them: Illustrated edition This glorious new edition of Newt Scamander's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them considered a classic throughout the wizarding world features an extraordinary array of magical creatures, from Acromantula to Yeti via ten different breeds of dragon - all beautifully illustrated in full colour by the brilliantly inventive, Greenaway Medal shortlisted Olivia Lomenech Gill.

Far from fair When Odette starts her list of things that aren't fair, living on the road with her parents and her exasperating younger brother is at the very top. But hundreds of miles later at her grandma's house, Odette discovers just how unfair life can really be.

With so much that is out of her control, Odette tries to make things right again. Fat and juicy place, The At the back of Jack's school is a special place. He can't tell anyone except his mate, Lizard, about all the things that can happen there. When Jack meets the mysterious Birdman, he learns secrets about the past that he just can't tell anyone. Father's day Sam has been saving his paper-round money for years to buy a boat. When a mysterious person doubles the money in his bank account, Sam could never imagine the trouble it would cause.

Fault in our stars, The Despite the tumour-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But, when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten. Fearless Frederic When the river rises and the city of Paris begins to disappear under water, Frederic decides to help those who can't help themselves. But as his heroic acts escalate, so does the danger. Frederic will have to battle an escaped zoo animal and fight off pickpockets and looters, but as the waters subside, can he find justice for his father and find out what courage really means?

Felix series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Fierce September Juno and the Taris inhabitants must leave their dying island for a wider life Outside. It is two year old Hera who saves the Taris people from the injury and death prepared for them by an underground group of protestors. Despite the hate campaign, the young people are entranced by the fashions, the technologies and, best of all for Juno, the freedom from extreme control.

Fifth room, The What if there was a secret organisation of the leading medical experts that allowed young medical students to carry human experiments out - on themselves? This is the premise of this psychological thriller. Miri is a gifted 17 year old medical student who is willing to test her theories on herself.

But, who really is in control? What is Miri up against, and what has she got to loose? Figgy and the President Figgy and Nana love to talk about their future. Nana wants to be President of Ghana. Deciding on a career isn't as easy for Figgy but, then, she lands the role of a lifetime as an actress in a film. When Figgy's Mama shows up, sick and expecting a baby, and Nana's father takes him away, Figgy has more important things to think about, and some growing up to do.

Figgy in the world Figgy has two problems. One is her name. Nobody in the whole country has that name. The other is that her Grandma Ama is ill and needs special medicine. Figgy can't do much about her name but she can do something for Grandma Ama. She will go to America and bring back the medicine and Kwame, her special goat, will go with her. Figgy series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Figgy takes the city Figgy and her friend Nana win scholarships to attend school in Ghana's big city Accra. The city is exciting and full of adventures and new friends, but Figgy and Nana also find a city that is sad and scary. Fighting stingrays, The Charlie, Masa and Alf are best mates - loyal and adventurous. They're the Fighting Stingrays. In between school, swimming and fishing on idyllic Thursday Island, they have a ripper time role-playing bombing missions and other war games.

Drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse in the Torres Strait, their friendship and loyalties are tested as the threat of invasion looms closer. Finale 'Diva TV' is down to five contestants, the cameras are rolling and tensions are high. Finding Audrey Following a bullying incident at school, Audrey can't leave the house. She can't even take off her dark glasses inside the house. When her brother's friend, Linus, stumbles into her life, his friendly smile and funny notes gradually entice Audrey outside the house. With therapy and Linus' help, Audrey begins to feel she can do the things she'd thought were too scary.

Finding her way back to the real world might just be achievable. Finding Darcy When Darcy Abbott is sent to live with her surly grandmother and her silent great-grandmother, she finds the silences and secrets at home, and the name calling and bullying at school, hard to endure. A school project sets her on a search for the truth about her great-grandfather, Darcy Charles Fletcher, one of hundreds of prisoners of war who died when the Montevideo Maru was sunk in World War II. Finding Serendipity In search of Serendipity, Tuesday and her faithful dog Baxterr find themselves on a very dangerous mission.

They enter the magical world where stories come from, a mysterious and unpredictable world, full of real danger and heart-stopping adventure. Tuesday will need all her wit, courage, perseverance and imagination in order to get to The End and be reunited with the people she loves. Fire song It's and Ingrid's family has hit hard times. Her father has gone, her two brothers have been fostered out and there's no money.

When her mother asks her to do something she knows is wrong, something completely against her principles, Ingrid is desperate for help to make her own decisions and fight for what she believes in. Fireshadow A German teenager is sent to a prisoner of war camp in the bush near Perth. From a position of pride and resistance he finds a new sense of self. Sixty years later another adolescent is escaping from the tragedy of a dead sibling and finds the ruins of the camp. As he reflects on his guilt he meets a girl and her grandfather on a pilgrimage back to the site of the POW camp.

First book of Samuel, The Samuel is missing on his twelfth birthday, and his sister must delve into family history to find out why. First third, The Bill's traditional Greek grandmother is very ill and leaning on him to resolve some family problems that are worrying her. Bill walks the family tightrope to clear the family of some problems.

But, now that war has come to England, nowhere is safe. Sophie fills her journal with tales of wartime, while desperately waiting for news of her brother, last seen flying over enemy territory. But, hope springs up in surprising places, and love blooms unexpectedly. In keeping with high society expectations, Aunt Charlotte wants to marry off Sophie and Veronica. Toby is charming and lazy, Henry is driving the governess mad and Simon and Veronica's battle of wills continues.

Sophie tries to keep her family together, when everything is falling apart. Flamingo boy Lorenzo is special. He seems to be able to communicate with animals. Which is odd, because he sometimes has problems communicating with people.