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Slang expression for being without funds, penniless. The opposite of the above maneuver. In a down and out, the receiver runs downfield then turns out, toward.
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Unresolved personal trauma, bereavement, relationship breakdown and addiction lie, to one extent or another, in the past of every homeless person the Guardian spoke to. A simple lack of housing was often a problem too.

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Evictions and the refusal of private landlords to take tenants on housing benefit were common. A derelict police station on the edge of the town centre frustrated many: And now they face a new problem: He is friends with Faye, 32, who sometimes sleeps alone in a disused bin store as she struggles with beating heroin addiction and serious mental health problems. It is Christmas and I am living in a tent.

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Unity House is a lifeline in Chippenham and the council has recently funded 10 extra winter spaces, which has helped get some people off the streets. Avoiding that was one reason Faye said she slept in a bin shed. Homelessness seems to suck people down. Savannah, 19, has been sofa surfing after being kicked out by her mother over a disagreement about her boyfriend.

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John, 20, a slight young man, arrived at Unity last week after 10 days camping in a wood north of Chippenham after a court ordered him out of his home. He said it was so horrible he considered taking all of his medication at once. Connor, 23, arrived last week straight from sleeping in a Swindon car park after a spell in jail for theft and actual bodily harm, crimes committed to feed his heroin addiction. If anyone's read this book, what celebrities did you picture? But yeah, this book blew me away and just wow. View all 6 comments.

Thanks a bunch hun!! Savannah Ryan is a year old woman trying to take control of her own life and start anew. With a gritty past of hers, who would? And with an ex-fling in the midst, jaded secrets, unexpected twists and turns, as well as stunted dreams on the line…how will it all turn out?

I mean, Declan is a champion fighter is he not? I was sort of bummed I couldn't witness him busting out even more of his extensive fighting chops. Martin consider with follow up with sequel!! Perhaps a Blake and Macy pairing?!! I felt that Blake and Macy had a lot of potential to expand on singularly and as a couple!! View all 11 comments. Oct 08, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: Why oh why do the majority of the heroines I've been reading about lately insist on keeping their menfolk at arms length for the majority of the book? The couple start to get close and BAM!

Misunderstanding followed by all kinds of awkwardness. Down and Out was well written and I liked the two main characters for the most part, but my enjoyment was hamper 3. If these little issues don't bother you or, unlike me you haven't experienced "girl doesn't do relationships" overload, I'd recommend this book. It's hard to say no to those sexy underground fighting dudes. Sep 28, Polly rated it liked it Shelves: Oct 02, Jacqueline's Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: It has the right amount of romance and fighting to keep you interested Savannah I love me a damsel in distress lady and Savannah fits the bill.

She bounces from job to job, doing almost anything she can to save enough money for college. She finds a help wanted sign in front of a gym and decides to apply. Declan Declan is the sexy owner of the gym and automatically has a soft spot for Savannah.

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She looks disheveled and in a need of rescuing, the only thing is, Declan is no Hero. Declan is oh lickable and sweet at the same time. I trade punches for a living, but nobody can hurt me like you. Nobody can land a hit like you and leave me as breathless and torn up. I just love the banter between Savannah and Declan. You will be smiling and cracking up. Declan sees Savannah living in her car and feels really bad so he offers her a place to stay, with him!

I know, it makes for a juicy read. Declan and Savannah embark on a light and causal relationship, but of course there is nothing light about Declan. Overall Overall, Down and Out was a nice read. The pace is light and a little slow, which I know will work with a lot of people.

If you are a fan of fighting books, then this one is for you. View all 5 comments. Down and Out by Kelley R. Get prepared to make Declan your next book boyfriend, he doesn't have a filter on his mouth but that's what makes him sooo freaking appealing he just has no idea of half the boundaries he crosses.. Declan is a delicious dominant, tattooed fighter who has met his match with Snarky Savannah, the sparks that fly between these two is hilarious and kept me entertained from page one right to the end!!

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Loved Loved Loved this book!! No strings attached sex I already know my insides are ugly and twisted.. But I'm slowly realizing that no amount of dick can fill the void I secretly carry around with me. This book started well, I loved Declan - he was such a darling and underground fighter with tattooed and pierced lips. But the story went little annoying with her heroine. She ruined the story. Some parts didn't make sense considering her situation. She was too much. I wouldn't re-read this story again. Sep 08, Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads rated it it was amazing.

Oct 02, Lindsay rated it really liked it Shelves: I'll admit that I was a little hesitant to start this just because I'm burned out on fighter books. But once I started, I just couldn't put it down. I completely fell in love with Declan. He was the perfect mix of tough alpha and sweetness.

He knew the perfect things to say that had me melting. And I loved the banter between him and Savannah. They had me cracking up. Unfortunately, there was one thing that didn't work for me Don't get me wrong, for t 4. Don't get me wrong, for the most part I liked her. But she spent so much time running away and saying awful things that I really came to dislike her. And every time she would treat Declan like crap, she would act like the injured party.

And that just plain pissed me off. It got to the point that I thought she didn't deserve Declan. I realize that she had a really tough life and bad things happened to her, but her actions still ticked me off. Overall, I really did love this book, and I'll probably read it again. I'm hoping that Declan's brother gets a book.

View all 4 comments. This one is definitely awesome and totally worth reading! I can't wait to see what Kellie wrote: I can't wait to see what you think: This one sounds great! This one was definitely great!

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Lol, I still think about Declan. I'm going to have to rere Lisa wrote: I'm going to have to reread this soon! Good banter between the characters. Did get a little cheesy towards the end and of course I deducted for gray eyes Maybe I'll do a longer review later Apr 15, Dilek VT marked it as dnf Shelves: I lost interest in it And I hate the trope of unplanned pregnancy It warms up after a couple pumps, and pretty soon the silky, gliding pressure has my heart racing and my FREE hand clutching the counter to steady myself.

My mind wanders to Savannah. I had no idea she was such a firecracker. She kept me on my toes the whole conversation and I loved every second of it. Fuck me, this cannot be happening. I yank my boxers back up as she turns and smacks her face on the open door. She cups her nose in her hands as I wince and rush over to her.

Sep 10, Abby A. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Regarding the rating, this is closer to a 2. Two of them have to do with plot points. For example, I liked how Declan brought her into his home when he found her homeless, sleeping in her car.

down and out

Later on in the book, Savannah was recruited to be part of a new female fighter program at the same underground fighting organization that Declan fights for. That was a unique twist I wasn't expecting. Unfortunately, after all the training she did, she Regarding the rating, this is closer to a 2.

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Unfortunately, after all the training she did, she had to forfeit because it turned out she was pregnant. So this really didn't go anywhere. The other thing or person I liked was Declan himself. Interestingly enough, he's described in the synopsis as being "snarky and dominant". While he has his moments of expressing both those characteristics, I actually found him to have more of a sensitive and giving nature than anything else.

I saw this in how he has difficulty forgiving his abusive father. I saw this in how took care Savannah and also in how he expressed his love to her even though she couldn't or wouldn't reciprocate. There's definitely a lot to like about Declan, although I have to say that the relationship with Savannah may not have been appropriate since he was her boss. I also liked some of the humorous situations that happened between Declan and Savannah. One in particular was quite hysterical. When it came to Savannah, I liked the fact that she was feisty and that she wasn't afraid to stand up for herself, especially after such a rough childhood.

However, I did have issues her.

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That piqued my interest and made me wonder how that would be explored in the book. Later on, she tells Declan about her mother overdosing and having to live in various foster homes as a result, I got the sense of why sex was crutch for her. Yet, her explanation of what happened felt too matter of fact, like she was completely removed. I felt the same way when she talked about the bullying in school. You can call a person in this situation a down-and-out. In the glow of the side lights, he looked unshaven, shabby, a down-and-out.

In a competition or contest, if someone is down and out , they have been beaten, or they are losing and have no hope of winning. I am sending you clippings from which you will see that Ted appears to be down and out as candidate for governor. Leicester had looked down and out when they trailed with only 12 minutes left. You can say that someone is down but not out when they are losing but still have some hope of winning.