Tracers Lament

The Tracers, a song by Johnny Marr on Spotify before a killer chorus that turns a lament for the 'sick and shaking population of the world on.
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They really need to update or someone might try to hack them the man thought as he continue to input information of the latest cash in the bank with other account details. The money in the vaults slowly disappeared, traveling through the air into her account. The cops were here.


She remained calm, closing her laptop and packing it into her bag while everyone's attention was in the front. Police forces rushed into the small building, asking the residents to remain in their seats. Suddenly, a familiar trail of blue light flash before everyone's eyes that belongs to only one person in the world. She sat patiently with her backpack ready to leave. The cavalry's is here! She couldn't help but smiled. Upstairs, Tracer stared into her phone where a beeping sound increased in pitch the closer Tracer gets to her target.

Tracer stopped in front of a plain looking door. The beeping was at its highest pitch and Tracer turned it off. With a little effort, Tracer broke down the door. The room was empty, save for a table with a note. Tracer approached the table with caution, slowly walking to read the note. On the note, it said:. Tracer huffed in annoyance, kicking the table over.

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Tracer gasped and disappeared, recalling back to where Tracer was in time to a few second ago. Tracer blinked to a safe distance and looked down, overlooking the situation before her. The only thing in her mind was She'd done it again. She drove to her home, looking in her mirrors and blind spots to watch if she was being followed.

As she drove into her home, she exited her vehicle carrying her backpack. She stared up at the place she called home. The mansion was huge, standing at three stories high and four windows on the front of the building. She entered the building, surprised that it was dark inside. Usually, someone would be home by now. Even the maids and servants would try to keep the house lively. Walking with caution, she grabbed the coat hanger next to the door as a weapon for defence. She walked forward to the kitchen where she knew her maid was supposed to be during this time, cooking dinner.

She opened the door, the light from outside shone through the window giving her the view of blood. Something happened while she was gone, she needed to get to the security room she had in her home. She quietly walked upstairs, getting her card and entered her room. Upon entering her bedroom, she was introduced to a nightmare. On her bed was the body of her most trusted servant, a television had replaced his head that was giving of a signal.

She looked around the room, noticing a struggle and blood splatters and stains all over the room. She carefully walked to her secret panel where her computer was stationed into the wall. After inputting her password and sliding her security card, she tapped a few keys and brought up the camera feed. The video showed everyone leaving for the day, maid cleaning and her family coming home early. Wait, her family came back home early?

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Back on the Objective, n0v4 sat on the dusty floor staring and tapping away to gain access to the god program. The hacker stood, waiting as her laptop continued to load into the mind of Anubis. Frustrated, McCree checked how many bullets he had left. Widowmaker and Reaper were doing a great job until they received n0v4's call. McCree combat rolled out into the open and time seemed to slow down as he took aim and took focus with his Deadeye.

Confused, McCree dropped his stance and signalled Genji and Winston to come out. They investigated the area, wondering why the Villains wanted with the Temple. After checking the area, the Overwatch heroes were confused as to why Talon aimed for the Temple. There wasn't anything to do with the omnics or…. Something wasn't right and until they found out what, Winston isn't going to rest. However, near the facility that was recently stolen of a secret formula. The eyes of a young British woman finally open letting the sun shine on them. Tracer squirmed in the light, moving very slowly as she got up placing a foot in front of the other.

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The area around her was quiet and was void of people. Not a single person can be seen. The houses gave an eerily groan and Tracer were the only thing that disturbed the peacefulness of this strange neighbourhood. Tracer brought her wrist up to her face, bringing up the interface to contact the nearest Overwatch agent for backup.

Back at Mercy, her wrist watch started beeping telling her an Overwatch agent needed medical assistance.

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Leaving a note and telling the officer her situation, Mercy took a step on the window's edge. Taking a moment to appreciate the view, Mercy took a deep breath and fell forward. A stream of yellow glow erupted from Mercy's back, giving the doctor wings for her to fly to her target. As Tracer waited and stared up at the sky searching for backup, a bright shining sparkle momentary blinded Tracer.

Covering her eyes, Tracer bended over and took the object into her hands. The Object was made of glass with hallow inside, a sharp needle at the end. Just as Tracer was beginning to wonder what it was, Mercy landed right beside her. Mercy shook her head and smiled at the girl in front of her.

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Bullet shells littered the area but Tracer didn't seem to be harmed or riddle with bullets. Noticing that Tracer wasn't paying attention to her, Mercy looked to Tracer. Mercy's hands were placed on her hips, her chest puffed out with her face in a mixture of emotions Tracer couldn't really tell. I was fighting Widowmaker until…" Mercy listened as she kept the syringe into a zip bag for later investigation. Back at HQ, Winston were already back from the Temple of Anubis typing into the computer to find any information on the Temple. Sighing, the gorilla took a sip of his drink and wiped his face with a hand.

Winston stared at the bar which was strikingly slow.

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Defeated, Winston applied, getting up from his desk to go to bed. Even the fingerprint search wasn't completed. Maybe Winston should upgrade the old software. In an unknown location, the helicopter landed with its significantly large package following suit. Once the door was opened, Nova skipped like a little girl out and towards the crate giggling and smiling.

A few people in masks approached her and pass her some equipment giving her necessary to do the job.

Nova looked up at the crate, looking at the eyes of the jackal that she will soon claim.