A Million Heavens

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Do we act of our own volition or are we acted upon? Are we part of a divine plan? Random actors in a world of happenstance? Biological computers following an innate neurological code? John Brandon, author of two previous novels, begins A Million Heavens ominously through the eyes of a lone wolf, and slowly these questions begin to haunt the narrative like the stalking wolf. Soren, a young piano prodigy, lies in an inexplicable coma in the town hospital. His father is at his bedside, waiting.

Each night a band of townspeople hold a silent vigil, waiting. And the wolf prowls, waiting. Mayor Cabrera is waiting for the unpreventable bankruptcy of his town. Single and childless Dannie is waiting to become a mother. Her boyfriend Arn, orphaned and neglected by foster parents as a child, is waiting for someone to care about him.

Cecelia is a college student waiting for a message from her deceased bandmate. A nameless gas station owner is waiting to begin a trek into the desert. The narrative unfolds from the points of view of multiple characters, including the wolf, in alternating, eponymously titled chapters.

The filmmaker and the policeman meanwhile have safe homes with wives - or do they? An immigrant family speaks their own language only privately; they have managed to integrate - or have they? The wonderful Linda Grant weaves a tale around ideas of home; how London can be a place of exile or expulsion, how home can be a physical place or an idea. How all our lives intersect and how coincidence or the randomness of birth place can decide how we live and with whom. From one of Elle magazine's 'authors to watch' comes a suspenseful and emotionally fraught novel about how little we really know the person we marry.

For fans of The Affair and Dr Foster.

Creatures in the Desert: ‘A Million Heavens’ by John Brandon

Every woman has a secret Everyone admires Suzy and her doll's house life. She has a gorgeous family, a beautiful home and a successful business. But Suzy hasn't always been in control.

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In her past lies a shadowy tale of fear and instability - a life that she once ran away from, and has hidden from ever since. When Suzy starts being followed, she fears that her past many finally be catching up on her. And when she finds herself unable to do what to her is the most important thing - keep her loved ones safe - she has to decide how far she'd be willing to go to win everything back. Even if it means sacrificing everything she knows and loves Praise for Cath Weeks: The feelgood, uplifting, fabulous new book from Kindle bestseller Eva Woods. In our lives we'll meet something like eighty thousand people.

Most of them just in passing, sitting beside them on a bus, buying a latte from them, overtaking them too fast on the motorway. Others will become friends, lovers, family. Some will stay in our lives forever, and some will be swept away by the flow of life. But we touch all of these people in some way, tiny or huge, making more of a difference that any of us can imagine. Rosie is in a coma, unable to reach out to the world or communicate. She only has one chance to make it back to consciousness - but she's slipping deeper and deeper into a maze of memories and it's going to be hard to find her way out.

Daisy, Rosie's sister, is devastated by the accident. She's always been the good, dependable girl to Rosie's free spirit - but some of Rosie's attitude seems to be creeping into Daisy's dull existence. Can Daisy find the courage to be herself? It only takes one tiny step to change a life forever Upon publication in , Corregidora was hailed as a masterpiece, winning acclaim from writers including James Baldwin, Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison. Exploring themes such as race, sexuality and the long repercussions of slavery, this powerful novel paved the way for Beloved and The Colour Purple.

Now, this lost classic is published for a new generation of readers. After a tragic loss, Ursa, a Kentucky blues singer, confronts her maternal history and the legacy of Corregidora, the Brazilian slave owner who fathered both her mother and grandmother.

A Million Heavens: by John Brandon - Spectrum Culture

Consumed and haunted by her hatred of the man who irrevocably shaped the lives of her family, Ursa must come to terms with a past that is never too distant from the present. A Surrealist novel in the vein of Angela Carter, about love and beauty and dark secrets. Played out like the command of an oracle are the events that stain one night in the improbable setting of this desert tale.

Rearing its impudent architecture like insult on a landscape of quiet beauty is Windcote, "its very name a masquerade," where inhabitants and guests find themselves driven by obsessions and confusions they have never faced before. Here doors open and close and open again. They hide, release, reveal, and ruin.


In this web of tangled imperatives is the child, Destina, untouched by the fevers and failures around her. Her own world is outside in the mystery-locked canyon where, for the time of this story, she seems to find her own truth. A tautly plotted mystery of dark family secrets, perfect for fans of Kate Morton. A beautiful read that delivers a shocking and satisfying ending' Liv Constantine, bestselling author of The Last Mrs ParrishSeraphine Mayes and her brother Danny are known as the summer-born Summerbournes: But on the day they were born their mother threw herself to her death, their au pair fled, and the village thrilled with whispers of dark-cloaked figures and a stolen baby.

Now twenty-five, and mourning the recent death of her father, Seraphine uncovers a family photograph taken on the day the twins were born featuring both parents posing with just one baby.

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  • Seraphine soon becomes fixated with the notion that she and Danny might not be twins after all, that she wasn't the baby born that day and that there was more to her mother's death than she has ever been told Why did their beloved au pair flee that day? Where is she now? Does she hold the key to what really happened? I was hooked' Rosamund LuptonA sweeping and turbulent drama about the anxieties of post-war Britain, where one strong and inspirational young woman looks to find her place, no matter the cost Within a year of arriving at an American airbase in Suffolk, the loving, law-abiding Delaney family is destroyed.

    Did they know something they weren't allowed to know? Did they find something they weren't supposed to find? Hedy is the only one left standing, a rebellious girl cast adrift in a world of post-war anxiety - a girl who has the courage to question what really went on behind military closed doors. Hedy's journey to the truth leads her to read a manuscript that her talented twin brother had started months before he died, a story inspired by an experience in the forest surrounding the airbase perimeter. Only through deciding to finish what her brother started does Hedy begin to piece together what happened to her family.

    But would she have continued if she'd known then what she knows now? Sometimes, it's safer not to finish what you've started Praise for Saskia Sarginson: While Billy is obviously mentally distressed, and cannot remember many concrete details, there is something sincere about him and his story. But before Strike can question him further, Billy bolts from his office in a panic. Trying to get to the bottom of Billy's story, Strike and Robin Ellacott - once his assistant, now a partner in the agency - set off on a twisting trail that leads them through the backstreets of London, into a secretive inner sanctum within Parliament, and to a beautiful but sinister manor house deep in the countryside.

    And during this labyrinthine investigation, Strike's own life is far from straightforward: Plus, his relationship with his former assistant is more fraught than it ever has been - Robin is now invaluable to Strike in the business, but their personal relationship is much, much more tricky than that. What would you do to protect your family? When Paul Rogan sets off a bomb at his office, killing eleven people, no one can understand why.

    A Million Dreams @Heavens Above 2018

    He was a loving husband and father, with everything to live for. Then his wife and daughter are found chained up in the family home, and everything becomes clear. Rogan had been given a horrifying choice - set off the bomb, or see his loved ones suffer and die. Lieutenant Eve Dallas knows the violence won't end here. The men behind the attack are determined, organised and utterly ruthless. In this shocking and challenging case, both Eve and husband Roarke are heading into serious danger. Why people love This Child of Ours Riley Pieterson is an adventurous girl with lots of questions.

    There's plenty she doesn't know yet; what a human brain looks like. All the constellations in the night sky. Why others can't see her the way she sees herself. When Riley confides in her parents - Sally and Theo - that she feels uncomfortable in her own skin, a chain of events begins that changes their lives forever. Sally wants to support her daughter by helping her be who she dreams of being.

    Chris Adrian

    Theo resists; he thinks Riley is a seven-year-old child pushing boundaries. Both believe theirs is the only way to protect Riley and keep her safe. With the wellbeing of their child at stake, Sally and Theo's relationship is pushed to breaking point.